• Cost of personal belongings transportation

    How much does it cost to ship personal effects abroad?

    There are several factors influencing the price of a shipment.

    In order to advise you on the best logistics option and provide you a price adapted to your needs; you must know at least the following information:

    • The weight of your parcel.
    • Its dimension, which is the length, the width, the height (in centimetres or inches).
    • The destination.
    • The means of transportation you want to use.

    Make sure you have this information handy when contacting us for a quote.

  • Declaration of Personal Effects

    Did you know that you have to make a declaration for your unaccompanied goods upon arrival in Canada?

    Even if you have no goods with you on arrival, you must give your list of goods to the border services officer at your first point of entry in Canada. Based on the list of goods you submit, the officer will complete Form BSF186, Personal Effects Accounting Document, assign a file number to it, and give you a copy of the completed form as a receipt.

    You will need to present your copy of this form to claim free importation of your unaccompanied goods when they arrive. Goods to follow may be subject to import restrictions before you can import them.

    To facilitate the clearance process, you can complete Form BSF186 before your arrival in Canada.

    Reference : Canada Border Services Agency 1